Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Airbnb Experience

Whenever I travel, I often book at hotels listed in Agoda. Of course you get better rates in Agoda because they offer discounts and most of those listed offer free buffet breakfast which is always a plus. I am the type of traveler who wants everything to be convenient - I don't want to think much of where to eat and what to eat so the buffet breakfast is always a winning factor. But I've always envied how dreamy and instagram worthy the apartments posted in airbnb are. I have heard many great things about the website and the people whose houses/apartments are listed there so my friend and I decided, why not. We were looking for a house/apartment we could rent all to our own but they were kinda expensive. So we settle for a private room instead. It was the best decision we made.

From the headboard alone, you can already tell that the room would be as dreamy and instagram worthy as I envisaged it to be. I could not have been happier in choosing the room. It wasn't expensive, it is in a very convenient location and there was more than enough space for 2 people. Everything was also provided for us like toiletries, water, hair dryer and a universal adapter. If I ever go on a trip again, I will surely consider looking at airbnb listings again.


  • You feel more at home and comfortable than a hotel because, well, it is a home that you will be staying in.
  • Some listings are cheaper than hotels and some offer the same value.
  • All amenities like what you will get in hotels are the same: hair dryer, toiletries (including tissue, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, and soap), free internet access, and water.
  • If you are lucky to get a good host, he will kindly provide you with maps and tell you all the best places to go to.
  • Aside from that, if you are lucky to get a good host, he will even tour with you and make sure that you don't get lost.
  • You get free cheap but working local mobile phone you can use during your stay so when you encounter problems you can call the host.
  • There is more privacy than in a hotel if you get to rent the entire apartment.
  • You get discounts on airbnb if you get a friend to sign up in their website.
  • No free buffet breakfast. This isn't a deal-breaker really but if you are a lazy traveler like me who doesn't want to think about breakfast, this could make you think twice.
  •  Too bad if you get a bad host who is not accommodating and the pictures posted are not really what you get 
Tips For Using Airbnb
  • Check the listing thoroughly. Just because the host was given a high rating doesn't mean that the listing is the best for your travel purpose. Read the facilities provided first and as many reviews as you can so you get an idea of what you can expect when you arrive. 
  • Communicate with the host . It is very important that you have communication with your host to get directions on how to get to the unit or if your flight has been changed. You also need to communicate for certain special arrangements like if you want your host to pick you up somewhere.
  • Invite your friends to sign up. I am not forcing you to but it is a great way to save money because you get discounts for every friend you have the signs up.
  • Leave an honest review. When your trip is over, make sure you leave an honest review so other people will know how your experience with the unit and the host is.
I truly enjoyed my stay in this apartment/condo unit because it was not conveniently located near the MRT and the bus station but also because our host was very accommodating and very helpful. If you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur, you might want to consider staying where my friend and I stayed: Shin Tan. I really had a great time in Kuala Lumpur partly because of the wonderful accommodation we had. If we ever go back to KL, we want to stay with Shin again. 


  1. I LOVE airbnb! So happy you liked your experience.

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

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  3. I have never rented any place to stay through them but sounds decent :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. You should try them out! The rooms and apartments there are so "tumblr" as they call it.

  4. Nice place. xx


  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this experience with us :)

    xo Azu


    1. You're welcome! I was really happy with the owner and the place I just had to share it.

  6. Cool place dear kiss


  7. This sounds like a great alternative to hotels! I would like to try this next time I travel!


    1. Some think even better than hotels. You should and then let us know what your experience is.

  8. Pretty headboard!

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  9. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  10. Lovely Room :)

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  11. Lovely place !! and thanks for the tips

  12. Insightful and educational post! Thanks for the share! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  13. Good post! Airbnb has been great, Eve since last year we have only been staying at Airbnb apartments, the thing about feeling at home when u r not at home has got us hooked!

    1. I agree! They have a really great selection of apartments and the hosts are just wonderful! I will book with them again next time I travel.

  14. It looks amazing ! Kisses beauty ;)