Sunday, August 16, 2015

Travelogue: Batu Caves

A trip to Kuala Lumpur will not be complete without going to Batu Caves. It is one of the most popular attractions there. It is a Hindu shrine and one of the most popular one outside of India. 

In my observation, Malaysia is heavily influenced by Hinduism and Islam - both are the dominant religion there, if my observation proves correct. As such, most attractions there for tourists relate to both religions. For Hinduism, it is the Batu Caves. For Islam, there is the Masjid Negra, also known as the Grand Mosque, which we failed to see because it was already closed when we got there. Going back to Batu Caves - every article and blog post we read prior to going to Kuala Lumpur suggested this place. It was quite far from the city center but worth the trip. 

How To Get There:
  • Wherever you are staying, you have to reach Bank Negara station of Port Klang Line. We came from Titiwangsa station of Sri Petaling Line and got off at Bandaraya station. We then had to cross the street to reach Bank Negara station. 
  • It can be a little difficult to find the station so when you get out of Bandaraya station, just walk straight. Turn right on the covered walkway you will see on your right and walk straight. There is a tiny exit on your left after walking for a few seconds and you will see a sign that says Bank Negara. Enter that building and that is the station.
  • Purchase a ticket which I think costs only 1RM (if I remember correctly).
  • Go down the stairs to reach the train platform.
  • Wait for the train that goes to Batu Caves. There will be another train that will pass this station - going to Rawang. Watch out for that because you don't want to ride that one. You won't reach Batu Caves if you ride that train. There is a screen on the platform anyway that tells you what time the train to your destination will arrive so make sure you take note of it.
  • When you get off at Batu Caves, you only have to walk for a few minutes to reach the entrance. Just follow the flow of people - that is what we did. Or, you can already see that huge golden statue from the platform, you can follow the direction to where it is.
  • When we were reading blogs and articles, they say there is an entrance fee to the caves. But when we got there, there is not ticket booth and no one asked for money to enter the caves from us. So we assume there really is no entrance fee. But just in case there is and we were just ignorant tourists, better have a few RM's with you when you enter.
  • Wear the right clothes. I honestly don't think the caves are that high. I think it took us only about 5 minutes to reach the first cave and less than a minute to reach the next cave. The steps are quite steep though so make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. I was wearing a skirt but good thing I wore my rubber shoes.
  • You are not allowed to enter if you are wearing something short - short skirt or shorts. You have to pay 5RM to rent a sarong at the entrance and 2RM will be reimbursed after when you return it. They are very strict with the dress code. There was one lady who entered wearing very short shorts. The ladies at the entrance were very pissed off and they followed her right to the top and told her to go down and get a sarong before she can go further. The Batu Caves is a religious place. There are rules with places like this and they demand to be respected.
  • Do not bring anything in a plastic. The Batu Caves are known to infested with stray monkeys. When you are carrying a plastic bag, they immediately think you have food for them. They wil grab it and take it away from you. Make sure your food and water are stored safely inside your bag. They won't bother with your bag unless it is a plastic bag. If you want to try to feed the monkeys, there are stores at the entrance that sells them. 
  • There is another cave there called the Dark Cave. We didn't go there anymore because there is an entrance fee for that which I think is 20RM. It is a guided tour only and they have a schedule for it. We didn't have the time and we weren't wearing the appropriate clothes anyway so we opted not to go. But judging from the pictures online, if you are adventurous, I think it is worth the trip.
  • Change of clothes could be useful because it is very hot in Malaysia and we were sweating profusely after the trip.
I do recommend visiting the Batu Caves. It is a great experience and beautiful place to visit. You will only spend a few minutes here (we spent less than an hour I think) because it is not the big and there are so may people it makes it difficult to really go around. A must-visit still when you are in Kuala Lumpur. 


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