Friday, September 25, 2015

Impulse Shopping

Bag: Furla | Dress: Dresslink | Shoes: CMG | Wacth: Anne Klein

When you are faced with a mountain of sale items, you can’t help but take out your credit card and rush to each piece that catches your attention. It is a race against time and a race against other people. You need fast hands and grab as many items as you can. When you reach the counter your jaw drops to the floor because you can’t believe how much you’ve spent. But then you tell yourself, you don’t care and that is fine because you will never have another chance to buy all of the things you just bought. It is on sale now so this is your only chance. You allow the cashier to swipe your credit card. You grab the charge slip from the cashier and quickly sign. And then you leave the shop with bags full of assortments (or junk) and a satisfied smile. And when you receive your credit card bill you can’t help but drop to the floor, slouch your shoulders and weep over the huge amount of debt you owe the bank. You said you would save as much as 50% of your monthly salary but that will now go straight to paying for your bill. You said you want to travel to Europe and been trying to save money for that trip but that will not happen anymore because the money you saved will now go to paying your bill.

This is a true story of an impulsive shopper.

These past few months I’ve really been resisting the urge to go on impulse shopping. I’ve been trying my best to purchase only those that are necessary. I know I fail sometimes (as evidenced by my first Osaka, Japan haul) but I have managed to decrease the amount of impulse shopping. But really, when an item is so pretty and so cheap, it is just too difficult to resist the urge to buy. Take for example websites like Dresslink (smooth segue and shameless product endorsement on an article you thought was decent). Clothes there are really trendy and super affordable. Of course on the downside you can’t expect super high quality but for trendy dresses you will only get a few wears of, is quality really that important? I mean, you will only wear it a few times anyway so why spend so much money? There is Dresslink anyway that can give you with an “okay” quality at super affordable prices.

This is the second dress I received from them and I love every bit of it. It is not exactly how I pictured it to be but I love it nonetheless. The print is exactly how I thought it will be. This is actually a backless dress but I had to wear something underneath because I wore it to work. I love the flowiness and girliness of this dress.

They kindly sent a promo code my readers can use when they purchase anything from the website.


  1. I just love your shoes !

  2. Gorgeous dress and bag!

  3. Ah impulse shopping is so tempting for me. I've been trying my best though not to shop as I currently do not have a job!


    1. I know! It's just so hard to resist when you see something that you really want and it haunts you for days!

  4. This is such a cute outfit. Your dress looks lovely on you!

    xo Azu

  5. Wonderful dress!

  6. Love this, the dress compliments you really well!

    RAYDANT Blog

  7. Lovely outfit, your heels are stunning! *-*

  8. I love this feminine outfit. Your dress is beautiful and you are very elegant. Kisses beauty :)