Friday, December 25, 2015

Hallyu Corner: Banila Co.

It has been a while since I did a "Hallyu Corner" post. I rekindled my love for anime and everything related to Japan because of my trip to Osaka that everything related to South Korea was pushed and shoved. Sorry, South Korea. But one thing I will always remember about loving South Korea is their skincare and makeup items. I will always be a fan. And recently, as I was strolling around Glorietta mall, I stumbled upon one of my all-time favorite brands, Banila Co. I was stunned to see a pop-up store in the middle of the mall. Why did I not even hear the brand is coming to town? I was at a loss for words. Naturally, I spent a good amount of time trying things out and ended up getting 2 products. The Prime Primer Classic Matte in Green and Prime Primer Finish Powder are staples in my makeup collection and now I think I have added 2 more that I will keep on repurchasing. 

With its pink shelves, bright lights and Song Ji Hyo (endorser), one cannot miss Banila Co's pop-up store. I am not sure if they have branches other than this one in Glorietta but in case you are nearby, they are located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 4. 

Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil
Due to a severe acne breakout 2 years ago, I stopped using skincare products that are not recommended to me by my dermatologist. Since then my acne flareups have been manageable and occurred less than usual. Today, I can attribute the better skin condition I have to my dermatologist's products. I don't want to experience that severe acne breakout again thus I stayed away from any other products. My skincare routine has become simple and less time-consuming. I used lesser products. However, lately I have seen my skin condition deteriorating. I rarely breakout but my skin is lackluster, dull, and tired. I believe I have extremely oily skin but lately it transformed to combination: I have dry patches on my cheeks and jaw area but my T-zone remains oily. I just thought it may be about time that I start using an essence again that can help bring back the glow and elasticity of my skin. How timely that as I was just looking around the mall for the perfect essence that I saw Banila Co. Of course, I just had to look around as they might have the essence I need to address my skin concerns. 

Penn, the sales associate, was very helpful in answering all my questions. I really wanted an essence that will not only make my skin bright but will also keep acne breakouts at bay. She recommended the Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil. Honey is a well-known ingredient that can help fight acne formation and brighten the skin. Just knowing the product contains honey, I am already sold. I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and I can say I am impressed. It didn't break me out and my acne scars (old and new ones) seem to have faded in just a matter of 2 weeks. It is still there and they are still quite visible but they are not as visible as they were 2 weeks ago. My skin texture has also greatly improved. It became softer and smoother. I am just super impressed with it and how fast it gave me results. I apply 2 drops every night and it is sufficient for my entire face and neck area. I apply by tapping the product onto my skin. It takes time for my skin to absorb the product but if it works, I don't mind getting tired. This is definitely now included in my staple products.

Prime Primer Finish Blur Pact
This Prime Primer Finish Blur Pact I bought just because. I still have so many powders that I haven't used but I really wanted this because I have never owned a green powder pact before (yes, the powder itself is color green but when applied to the skin is translucent). I love the Prime Primer Finish Powder and this pact is from the same line so I assume this would be equally good. But I haven't really tried it to say any significant pros and cons. 

Banila Co is definitely a brand I love. It doesn't disappoint. The products I have tried from them are really good (except the BB cream which cakes on my face) and gives very satisfactory results. And also because I really like ace Ji Hyo. 


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