Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hallyu Corner: Top 5 KPop Songs of 2015

You all already know by now that I am somewhat obsessed with Kpop and 2015 is a great year for it. So many good songs came out and it was very difficult for me to come up with this list (but I really wanted to that's why I am publishing this and also so I can share how good Kpop songs are to those who don't like it). I initially wanted to do a video about this but I became too lazy and by the time I am able to film and publish it would already be irrelevant. So I decided to do this article instead.

Disclaimer: this list is based on my own opinion alone. I did not base this from any survey/statistics/album sales and whatnot. This is purely my own opinion and preferences so I don't intend to start any fan wars as some of you may know by now, Kpop fans are the most notorious of all fans beating the Beliebers and Directioners. I am a Kpop fan but I do not encourage fan wars so just enjoy the 5 Kpop songs I listed below and let my list be my list. Your list may be different than mine and I respect that so please do the same for my list.

5. If You Do - Got7
I am not really a fan of Got7 but this song is kick ass. There is something about songs with this kind of melody that makes me feel melancholic. I am one of those weird ones who enjoy the rain more than the sun and this beat makes me feel like it is raining outside. It makes me feel like cozying up in bed, drink hot chocolate with marshmallow and freeze time (really this is the perfect life for me). The song is a really sad (but upbeat) one and it makes you want to wallow on your emotions. If you want an English translation, click here. I just love the melancholic tune and it gives me comfort.

4.Call Me Baby - EXO
I was a bit disappointed with their 2014 comeback because it didn't live up to my standards. Their song Growl (released in 2013) was so good that I expected them to come up with a song that is equally great or even better. Unfortunately, Overdose falls 100 steps behind Growl (at least in my opinion). I didn't expect much from the group this year though they are actually one of my favorite boy groups because I didn't want to be disappointed again. And then they released this song. I was really happy with it. Still not as great as Growl but definitely better than Overdose. Their whole album actually has a lot of really nice songs. I still wish they can produce a song as great as Growl though. If you want an English translation, click here

3. Crazy - 4Minute
This is the 4Minute I fell in love with! I love their fierce attitude, their kick ass beats and that strong tune. I waited a long time for them to make a comeback like this! The past years weren't great for the group with Hyuna taking all of the spotlight. Though Hyuna is my bias in the group I wanted all the members to each get their share in the spotlight and compared to their past comebacks this one gave all of them some time to shine. This song is catchy and strong and this is the comeback I've been waiting for. I hope they continue to release songs like this - not like What's Your Name or Whatcha Doin' Today or Is It Poppin'. If you want an English translation, click here

2. I Need You - BTS
BTS' (Bangtan Sonyeondan) popularity skyrocketed in 2015. They were already big in some parts of the world even with just 2 years from debut but they became really big last year. I guess it can be attributed to this song that is just so good. Just like what one of my favorite YouTubers said, this is when BTS finally found their sound. Their previous songs were very hardcore like a mix of rock and hip hop but this year they settled for a more suitable sound for them. They still have a few hip hop songs and mixtures of rock and hip hop in their recent albums but this sound made them more known all over the world. I was already a huge fan but I became obsessed with them when they released this song. They are very talented and I am glad more people are now aware of this group. Their hard work paid off and I am so happy for them. If you want an English translation, click here.

1. Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang
The VIP in me screamed and jumped up and down, did cartwheels and headbangs, and went overall crazy when Big Bang dropped this song. This is what I waited 3 years for. Big Bang doesn't do comebacks every year like most Kpop groups do but this song was worth the wait. Hands down the best song for me in 2015; need I say more? If you want an English translation, click here

What are your top songs for 2015?


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