Sunday, January 17, 2016

Travelogue: Osaka, Japan (Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Amerikamura)

Now I can say my trip to Osaka, Japan is finally over (there is a prick in my heart as I still can't believe it really is over). I wish we stayed longer but due to work commitments we can only go there for a few days. I can't wait 'til I go back to Japan!

Of course, a trip to Japan will never be complete without shopping in Shinsaibashi and visiting the infamous Dotonbori (even just to see the Glico LED screen). These are probably the busiest areas in Osaka as there were so many tourists and locals.

Shinsaibashi is a covered shopping area where you can find lots of drugstores and local brands. There are also lots of restaurants and cafes along the stretch of this covered shopping area so you can enjoy a cup of Japanese latte or some delectable meal when you get tired of all the shopping and walking. This area appeals to both younger and older generations.

I swear Japan is makeup heaven! I literally went crazy shopping in their drugstores. I spent so much time deciding which ones to get because there were so many options that I can barely understand (everything is in Japanese so it was a bit difficult to choose because I can't read the description). I did get a few things which i have already shown in my Osaka, Japan haul. I wanted to get more but I had to be careful not to exceed my baggage limit on our flight home. 

Amerikamura on the other hand is an area where youth culture is concentrated. This is where you will see what I call real Japanese street fashion. Everyone is just so fashionable and styles are diverse. This is where I happened to see real Lolita fashion. I have always admired Lolita and I kinda wanted to be one when I was younger. But if you are a fan of Japanese fashion you should know that to be a Lolita is hella expensive! I didn't have the resources and I didn't have the guts. Some stores here are actually quite affordable but most of them are super expensive. I don't know why Japanese clothes are super expensive (one of the reasons I like Korea as I can get cute clothes for less than in Japan). 

These were taken inside Kinji, used clothing shop. They have really nice vintage clothes that are super expensive and trendier items as well which are a bit more affordable. There are so many clothes here that cater to different Japanese fashion subculture. I love this place!

This is a very popular Lolita clothing brand but they also very expensive. I didn't go inside the store because I know I won't be able to afford anything anyway.

This is the Krunk x Big Bang cafe. There were 2 floors in this cafe but the queue outside was super long! I wanted to try this cafe but we can't wait to be seated as it was our flight back home in a few hours (queue is continued across the street where I was standing and took the photo). I still can't figure out though who is TOP, Daesung and Seungri in the mascots. Of course, I can't miss Taeyang and GD is easily recognizable. Does any of you know?

Next travelogue series will be all about my trip to Hong Kong! Are you excited? I am excited!


  1. OMG everything is just so brilliant! I love the colors and the hustle and bustle. Reminds me a bit of Times Square - on a smaller scale. Gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! I can't wait to visit Tokyo! That would probably be more comparable to Times Square.

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    1. Thank you! You should because it's #jafun!

  3. Japand sounds like a very awesome place to visit!!

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    1. It is! Life is not complete without visiting Japan even once!

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  6. Fabulous place ! Japan looks magical ! Thank your for your photos. Kisses :)