Sunday, February 14, 2016

Travelogue: Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland is considered by most people as the happiest place on earth. I have never been to Disneyland (until my Hong Kong trip) and always had that look of disbelief whenever people say that. I am always sceptical about hypes like that and I always think such statement is just an exaggeration. Turns out I was right (or maybe because I haven’t been to any other Disneyland aside from the one in Hong Kong). Disneyland is definitely not the happiest place on earth – at least for an adult. Maybe if I was below 12 years old I would be able to say that but I am sorry Disneyland, Universal Studios is way better (like a thousand times better). I guess the main audience of Disneyland are kids anyway which is why the attractions are all appealing to kids. The whole theme park was beautiful – that I cannot contest. But in terms of the things you can do there, they have very limited choices and not as fun as the attractions in Universal Studios. The theme park is also surprisingly small (maybe because Hong Kong is small to begin with). I imagined it to be bigger than Universal Studios Japan or even that size but it is definitely way smaller in terms of land area. I still enjoyed our trip there because the queue for the rides isn’t as long as Universal Studio’s and because the place is just picturesque. I would go back if given the chance but I would prefer Universal Studios Japan anytime over Hong Kong Disneyland.

Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland:

  • Transportation:
o   You can ride the MTR Tung Chung Line and get off at Sunny Bay station. You will then have to transfer to another train (the Disneyland train) and get off at Disneyland Resort.
o   Depending on where you start your journey on the MTR, the price can range from 10-20HKD (could be more if you really came from the end of Hong Kong).
o   The MTR is pretty fast (like really, really fast) and it should take less than an hour (again, depending on where you start your journey) to a few minutes for you to reach Disneyland.
o   If you don’t want to take the MTR (as I believe riding subways are for the adventurous types) you may opt for the shuttle bus. You can read more about the bus services available to Disneyland here:
  • Entrance/Ticket:
o   My friend and I decided to purchase the ticket at the venue itself because we don’t want to be bothered looking around Hong Kong for the suggested places we can purchase. The queue wasn’t long and it only took me less than 5 minutes to purchase. They also accept credit card payment which you can convert directly to your local currency (I opted to pay in pesos to avoid the change in exchange rate).
o   If you want to make sure that you will have a ticket on the day you want to visit, you can purchase in advance using their online service here:
o   You may also wish to purchase from their authorised ticket sellers. You can find the list here:
o   Your travel agent may also help you in purchasing tickets.
  • Food:
o   There are a lot of restaurants inside Hong Kong Disneyland but they are quite expensive. I spent around 120HKD just for a sandwich, milk tea, and blueberry mousse during lunch. Considering how light the meal is, spending 120HKD is quite a lot. Other restaurants offer heavier meals such as dumplings, rice, pizza, pasta and many others but again, prepare to spend 100-300HKD for one course meal.
o   There are restaurants such as the one we ate at for lunch that offer light meals such as sandwiches, croissants, waffles and other food you can eat while standing which are cheaper but not as filling.
o   Most restaurants offer Chinese cuisine but there are also a few that offer international cuisine if you aren’t a fan of Chinese food (but really, who doesn’t like Chinese?).
o   You are not allowed to bring meals inside the theme park. There are staff inspecting bags at the entrance and they will ask you to leave the meals or throw it away because you can’t bring them inside. Light snacks such as muffins and crackers are okay. A bottle of water is also okay to bring inside (I was able to bring mine in).
o   There are drinking fountains stationed all over the theme park so you can refill your water bottle when you need to and not have to keep on purchasing a bottle. You can find them mostly near restrooms.
  • Attractions:
o   The theme park is divided into different areas: Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Adventureland, Main Street, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.
o   Each area has a theme (obviously, from the name of the area) and each offer different attractions.
o   Queue for the rides aren’t that long but there are a few that will take you anywhere between 30-45 minutes waiting time (bearable compared to the 1.5-2.5 hours waiting time I experienced in Universal Studios Japan). If you arrive early in the theme park, head over to the attraction/ride you are most keen to see as the queue might be long.
o   Attractions/rides are not as adrenaline pumping as Universal Studio Japan’s but still something adults will enjoy.
o   I highly recommend the Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland. It is my favourite of all the rides I was able to experience. This is a river cruise tour with some “adventure” waiting for you somewhere along the course. Make sure you line up on the right queue as the tour is available in 2 languages: English and Chinese. We made the mistake of lining up on the Chinese queue so we were a bit confused the entire tour and ended up tuning out the tour guide instead. It was still fun though because of the things you will see and experience.
o   I also recommend riding the railroad so you get an overview of the entire theme park.

Overall, Hong Kong Disneyland is a good experience. As I mentioned above, it is a place I would definitely want to go back. The attractions may not be as fun as I envisaged it to be but I did enjoy nonetheless. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money inside because the aside from everything being super expensive, it is hard to resist the cute souvenir items.

Sweater and Hair Tie: Forever 21 | Pinafore: from Bangkok | Sneakers: Stradivarius
Mickey Mouse Socks: H&M | Bag: from mom | Watch: Swatch

Sweater and Hair Tie: Forever 21 | Pinafore: from Bangkok | Sneakers: Stradivarius
Mickey Mouse Socks: H&M | Bag: from mom | Watch: Swatch

Sweater and Hair Tie: Forever 21 | Pinafore: from Bangkok | Sneakers: Stradivarius
Mickey Mouse Socks: H&M | Bag: from mom | Watch: Swatch


  1. Well done! I absolutely had fun reading this. Happy Monday!


  2. Nice place! :) Beautiful pics

  3. Great fotos! So precise and detailed thanks!

  4. Such fun photos! I'd love to visit Disneyland some day

  5. Such fun photos! I'd love to visit Disneyland some day

  6. Well I must say, HK Disneyland (based on your photos at least) seems to be an awesome place to take photos and OOTD shots. Haha! My fiance and I have been avoiding tourist trap places and would prefer something more... Hmm... Adventurous and where you can learn about a place's history and culture. Hongkong hasn't been in one of our places to visit yet. xD


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    Loving your blog <3

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  8. If it is my first time in a place, I really like to do tourist-y things because, well, I am a tourist. Also as a curious cat I am always interested in seeing and experiencing what everyone is talking about. But after a few visits, I try to become more "local." I then want to experience why people would want to live there and not just visit.

    Hong Kong was not in my list of places to visit for the longest time. It was actually just a spur of the moment decision because Cathay Pacific was on sale. But I am glad I went because now I remember why I had wanted to go there more than 10 years ago. It was just a different experience. You go to one or two tourist attractions but the thing that will excite you in Hong Kong is the food. OMG! Their cuisine is words to describe how good the food there is. :)

  9. Thank you! You should! It wasn't as fun as Universal Studios but it is an experience.

  10. Thank you! I tried really hard to take great photos.

  11. Thank you! I will try to write better travel guides next time.