Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Food For Thought

Bomber Jacket: from Korea | Top: Uniqlo | Skirt: Forever 21
Snapback and Socks: H&M | Bag: Betsey Johnson | Sneakers and Pins: Stradivarius
My Melody Pin: from Japan 

Sometimes people throw questions at you that stuns you. It's either you don't know the answer or you just don't want/can't answer. I hate it when people ask me things to which I don't have answers for because I feel insufficient. And I also hate it when people ask me questions I can't/don't want to answer because I might say something I am not supposed to and there is no turning back because I can't take my words back. But there are times when I like the challenge because it makes me think and it makes me inquisitive. 

Here are just a few questions thrown at me lately that got me thinking:

  • What do you do for a living? I don't lie and outright tell where I work. But I don't go into detail of what I do. Few seem to comprehend the nature of what I do and sometimes explaining is too tedious. To save myself from all the long explanations and cumbersome words I have to use, I most of the time just say "I do admin work." People seem to understand and they don't probe any further. Simple. Done.
  • Where/What do you want to eat? I find it mysterious why this seems to be one of the hardest questions to answer. When you aren't that hungry, it is easy to understand why you don't know where you want to eat or what you want to eat. But sometimes even when you are famished you just can't seem to figure out where and what you'll eat. This is a mystery that is yet to be uncovered.
  • Are you okay? My answer would always be "I don't know" because I honestly don't know. If I say I'm not okay, why am I not okay? It isn't as if I had something really terrible happen to me (hopefully, not). And If I say I'm okay, am I really okay? I don't know. I can never seem to give a straightforward answer to this question because even if I feel okay, I start to question myself whenever people ask me if I'm okay. It's probably because I couldn't say I am content with how my life is at the moment and I still want to achieve more. It also could be because I haven't experienced anything so devastating and I still consider myself fortunate (and I hope to never experience such thing).
  • Who do you think will win: Poe or Duterte? In case you don't know, elections here in the Philippines is coming in 2 months and there is a huge debate at the moment on who they think is going to win. There are 5 candidates but only 2 are emerging as victorious in current surveys: Grace Poe and Rodrigo Duterte. I honestly don't know. Survey results change all the time and is not really a reflection of the general public's opinion. I have no idea who will win but I do know who I will vote for and I am not going to disclose. 
  • Korea or Japan? I can't choose and refuse to choose! The former is very dear to my heart but the latter is my first love. It's like making me choose between my heart or my brain. I need both. I can't exist with just one.
  • Where are you 5 years from now? I don't know. A lot of things can happen in just 1 year. What more in 5 years? I don't know what will happen to me; if I will be working in the same organization I'm in; if I am still living in the Philippines; if I am still doing the same type of work; I really don't know. What I do know is that I want to keep traveling (my wander soul is back) and see many parts of the world in 5 years. I want to become more independent and start investing. I want to learn more about life and live happily, ever after.
Sometimes the hardest questions to answer make us think about life and how we live. I hate it when I don't have the answer immediately because I feel lacking in some way. But on the bright side, I should take these questions as a challenge to assess myself and discover things about myself. Am I okay? Do I still want to do what I'm doing 5 years or 10 years down the road? Who should I vote for to get the change that I want for my country? Answers aren't always found in books, won't always come from your teachers, or won't be given to you outright. You have to discover them. You have to use various methods to find them. You need patience and wait for the answers. Or sometimes, you just have to look beside you and see that the answer has been there all along.


  1. Cool look, love your bomber!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. Such an adorable outfit!


  3. Alright, I can feel those "where/what do you want to eat" and "are you okay" questions because it always happen to me and I also don't know how to answer :( But, later I'll always say "anything.. or whatever" ><
    Love your outfit by the way, attractive and so young! :)


  4. To be honest, I feel the same way. I find it hard to answer everybody's questions though I know it. But there are times that I really have no idea what words to give them and I hate it. You know, they say, when you're having a hard time answering those "life questions", it means you don't know yourself. I believe that... well, a little. Siguro, it's appropriate that you know yourself but you don't fully know yourself. Haha


  5. Cátia RodriguesApril 1, 2016 at 8:13 AM

    I loved the pictures dear!

  6. Such a deep post, life's a mystery!

    Check out my new post:

  7. very cool and chic! :)

    xoxo, rae

  8. Your outfit has that "harajuku" feel in it.

    That "What do you wanna eat" thing was actually resolved na between me and my fiance. What we do is I tell him what I "feel" like I wanna try and then he will take me where we can have it or at least something similar.

    As for questions people often ask me... Or rather my family ask me is why I would want to live in with my fiance first before we get married. They keep saying it's because we're not sure yet so we're trying things out but I keep telling them it's about us adjusting early to help us deal with things in the future and still they wouldn't get it because of how overly conservative our culture really is. Kinda frustrating but I eventually got tired of answering it and just ends up saying, "we're old enough eh."


  9. Gorgeous outfit !

  10. Thanks! That was the goal (to look like a Harajuku girl).
    I agree! It is already 2016 and I can't understand how people can still live like it was 1900? I mean, can't we think and see things as it is at present? I guess family, or parents to be exact will always be overprotective of their children. It is kinda tiring to keep on explaining things so you just end up saying something that is unacceptable still but something that won't make them probe any further (even if that isn't really the answer to the question. You just have to say it so they would stop with the inquisition).

  11. Agreed.
    And it is okay if you don't know the answer. You can't know everything anyway and it is a good opportunity for discussion if you don't know the answer. It doesn't make you any less of a person if you don't know the answer. Sometimes it makes me feel stupid but I'd rather be honest than pretend I know something I don't.

  12. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx

  13. Same! I would end up saying "whatever" and sometimes I hate that because it makes me look indecisive. I hate that. I want to be someone who makes firm decisions as that will make me look like I mean serious business.

  14. It is! Thanks!

  15. Thanks! This is my favorite jacket at the moment.

  16. Thanks! It is a lovely bag but too tiny.