Sunday, April 17, 2016

Travelogue: Mongkok and Causeway Bay (Hong Kong)

Shopping is probably the main source of income of Hong Kong. You can find various shopping districts with different specialties like gadgets, fashion, ladies fashion, arts & crafts from local artists to international designer brands. Prices are also a fraction compared to other countries. In my 27 years of existence and having been able to tour around Asia, I can say that Hong Kong shopping is definitely one of the best.

Causeway Bay and Mongkok are just a few of the many shopping districts in Hong Kong. Here you can find all sorts of items from international brands like Bossini, Giordano, Forever 21 and H&M to indie, local stores. If you watched my Hong Kong Haul video, I didn't actually buy any fashion items because I was too caught up with the makeup. Hong Kong is so much better than Korea and Japan when it comes to makeup because you can find all sorts of brands here. Japanese, Korean, French, US, British brands - you can find them all in one place and that is Sasa. I went to various Sasa branches and I can always find something new to buy that I didn't find in the previous Sasa store I went to. I went home with 20kg of luggage - half of which are just cosmetics.

Tips when shopping in Hong Kong:
  1. Haggle - they will give it to you at a reasonable price if you do. Don't accept the first price they will tell you because that is too expensive. Haggle and sometimes you can get the item for even less than half of the original price they told you. But you can only do this in the night market; not in actual stores.
  2. Check the warranty - they are quite honest in telling you the scope and limitation of the warranty. When buying gadgets it is important to get an international warranty you can use in your home country. There are some stores that have a Hong Kong only warranty so watch out for that. 
  3. Compare - whatever it is that you are buying, make sure you check a few shops before deciding. This is particularly important when shopping in night markets. You might find something you like in one stall but when you walk around more another stall will be selling the exact same thing but at a lower price. So make sure you walk around first before you decide. 
  4. Outlet shopping - I don't recommend going to the outlet mall unless it is on sale. It is a beautiful place so going there just to look around is a good idea. However, if it is shopping, don't unless it is on sale. Designer and branded items such as Kate Spade, Furla, Michael Kors, Coach and others are actually cheaper in Guam than in Hong Kong. Also, prices are comparable to the Philippines so I would rather buy here than there.
  5. Bring your own shopping bag - Hong Kong has a similar policy to the Philippines when it comes to shopping bags so good thing I decided to bring my own. They charge $0.50 for every plastic shopping bag that you request. Save money and bring your own shopping bag.
For more and in-depth shopping tips (plus helpful numbers in case you are caught in a dodgy situation), you may visit the Hong Kong Tourism website

I promise this is the last of my Hong Kong trip and will be posting about Guam, USA next. 


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