Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why You Need To Be Alone Sometimes

 Dress: Jill Stuart | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Furla
Choker: Landmark | Watch: Swatch

To be alone does not mean you are a loner. To be alone does not mean you are anti-social. To be alone does not mean you are depressed. Sometimes to be alone means to be independent. To be alone means to be confident and comfortable in your own self. To be alone means to learn.

You need to be alone sometimes in order for you to discover and learn things about yourself. You need to be alone sometimes to be able to think and assess things according to how you see it. You need to be alone sometimes just to relax and forget about the stresses in life. You need to be alone to enjoy yourself and the things that make you happy.

Life in today’s world can be chaotic and fast-paced that sometimes finding solitude can be a challenge. You need to constantly keep up with the changing environment and that entails you having to move quickly from one phase to the next. No time to relax and unwind in between. Such a world can cause one to feel anxious and stressed all the time. This is why sometimes spending time alone is a good thing. It brings solitude and keeps your mind & body healthy. Here are other reasons why it is good to be alone sometimes:
  1.  It helps improve concentration and productivity levels – take a vacation once in a while. As they say work hard but play harder. Yes, there are a lot of things to do at work. Yes, there is tough competition to be ahead of the rest. But that shouldn’t get in the way of you taking a break once in a while. You will be amazed at how more motivated and concentrated at work you will feel after going on a vacation.
  2.  It helps you discover yourself – as I mentioned above, being alone can help you learn things about yourself. Spending time alone and doing things on your own will allow you to learn more about yourself. This is a good reason to be alone especially for those who are unsure what path to take. Spend time alone and discover what it really is that you want to do.
  3.  It helps you find solutions to your problems – when you are alone and uninfluenced by other people, the more you get to think about finding solutions to your own problem. Yes, sometimes talking about your problems is a good thing but ultimately, the solution will come from you.

How do you get the most out of your alone time?
  1.  Disconnect from the world – set aside time in a day that you won’t use your mobile phone, no internet, and no computer, no anything. Just enjoy yourself and yourself alone.
  2.  Meditate – this allows you to connect with your inner most self and discover things about yourself.
  3.  Use your lunch break – if you need just a quick respite, spend the other half of your lunch break walking on the nearby park reading a book, listening to music, or just people watch.
  4.  Schedule vacations – you need to schedule your vacations strategically so you get to relax and unwind once in a while. I try to schedule 3-5 days’ vacation every 3-4 months so I get to recharge every quarter. In my line of work, I can easily get stressed out so strategically placing my vacation every 3-4 months is a good way to relax.
To be alone does not mean that you have to be lonely. You can be happy and relaxed when alone. You can discover a lot of things about yourself when you are alone. Once in a while spend time with yourself and become a better and happier person.

Dress: Jill Stuart | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Furla
Choker: Landmark | Watch: Swatch


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  2. Everyone needs alone time from time to time, I totally agree with you!

    Loving your cute outfit!


    Tamara -

  3. Yes! being alone is so important sometimes. I seriously love my alone time <3 Especially if I socialize too much. I'm also a huuuuge introvert lol.

    You look absolutely lovely in these photos. What a cute outfit!

    xo Azu

  4. I agree absolutely! For me it is also very important to be sometimes a lone! Love the wonderful white on white look!
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  5. Nice post! Being alone is so liberating and is a great time to recharge, clear your mind and build your independence. :) Lovely look by the way!


  6. Agree. I love having alone time once in a while to help me think about things and plan for the future as well. It also allows me to relax.

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  8. Me too. I get stressed out sometimes at work and being alone helps me think and relax.

  9. Yes, we all do. Thank you!

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