Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Weekly Pamper Routine

Once a week I like to treat myself to a nice relaxing evening and help me feel energized for the work week ahead. Mondays to Fridays can be very stressful and I can oftentimes neglect other aspects of my life so I always take my Sunday evenings as the day for me to relax and meditate. And to help me do that, I use the products pictured above. 

Bubble Sugar Body Scrub - to shower is the very first thing I do for my pamper evenings. Instead of washing myself with the usual soap and loofah, I use a body scrub. I was not expecting much from this Bubble Sugar Scrub product as I have tried scrubs before and I didn't really feel any difference after using them. This scrub is pretty much the same. My skin didn't feel and look smoother after using. But what I love about the product is the lemon scent and the fact that it did make my skin feel a little softer. It wasn't harsh on my skin too as the sugar melts after a few minutes to avoid over scrubbing the skin. It is also easy to rinse and does not leave any residue. But I want a scrub that can make my skin feel and look smoother (brighter too) so I will probably try other body scrubs when I am done with this.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask - I bought this pack 2 or 3 years ago and I am still not done with it! That is how much product you get from this thing! I use it once a week and use a good amount of product (probably 2-3 grams?) and I still have a lot inside this pack. I was expecting so much from this mask because so many YouTubers were raving about this. It is quite affordable too (395.00PHP at the time I bought it). But I honestly didn't notice any difference. I may have liked this initially but now I realize that it doesn't live up to its claims. It says to help dry acne but it doesn't. Whenever I break out I will use this product in the hopes that it will minimize the size. But I guess too much expectation leads to disappointment because nothing happened. The reason why I am still using it is because I don't want to waste it and throw it away. I just need to finish this pack so I can go back to using the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask which I love!

Etude House I Need You, Honey! Wash-Off Pack - this was a gift from sister and I use it after rinsing off the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask on my face. I massage my face with this for about a minute and then leave it there for 15 minutes. After that, I rinse it off. The only difference I noticed after using this wash-off pack is my skin felt softer. I don't think I will repurchase this because it was not a spectacular or special product. I might try other massage packs next time (to help improve blood circulation on my face).

Pure Smile Facial Mask - after the wash-off massage pack, I put on a facial mask. This is probably my favorite part of my pamper evenings. I love putting facial masks on because it makes me feel luxurious. I put the sheet mask inside the refrigerator for a few hours so it feels cool when I put it on my face. I love the facial mask from Pure Smile (which is available at Don Quijote stores in Japan) because it contains a good amount of essence (dripping wet sheets!) and because they are the right size to my face (not too big that there are so many excess on my chin and ear area). I also love how bright and moisturized my skin looked after. One thing I like about Japanese sheet masks is that compared to other sheet masks, I find that my skin absorbs the essence more. My skin is quite stubborn in drying sheet mask essence thus my skin feels oily and heavy after. But the essence of this sheet mask dried on my skin! Not only did my skin looked great but it also felt great. The fact that it dried on my skin means I can put other products after and my skin will still absorb it (like my anti-acne products which I put as a final step).

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex - read full review here

This routine actually can be time consuming because of the time I leave certain products on my face before I rinse them off. But since I started doing this I felt better and more relaxed. It could be a placebo effect but it helped! Just knowing that I am taking care of my skin and my body gives me that feeling of satisfaction. 

How do you pamper yourself?


  1. Wooow! I never see snd I didn't know this brands, but I'm super interested to try this products :o

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  2. So many amazing products, I need to try this sleeping pack from Laneige

  3. Really great products:)


  4. I would love to try the mask!


  5. I'm not familiar with these brands, but I do love a mask. I'm in need of a pampering session.

  6. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  7. That face mask is just adorable!

    xx, rebecca

  8. Love your pamper routine - the sheet mask is super cute !


  9. What I actually wanna try is an overnight mask. Ever since I was a kid, I would envy all those Hollywood movie moms in movies who always wear facial masks while they sleep. Haha! And that body scrub looks interesting ah. :)


  10. So cool, I love it!!
    Have a nice day!!

    Mary María Style

  11. I have such a short pamper routine. But when I do, I like to leave in a DIY hair mask of coconut oil and argan oil in my hair before I shower. I also deep condition my hair after. And I use an Etude House snail sheet mask because it is the BEST thing ever!! Otherwise I really don't do much hahaha but I like the dedication you put in to taking care of your skin!
    I haven't tried out Japanese sheet masks yet, only Korean ones. I find that the ones I've been using have really worked well with my skin. They absorb so easily, and don't leave my skin feeling greasy. But I do have to wait a bit longer before I can put on moisturizer. But they have nice results. Do you think that sheet mask is available in the US?

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  12. Great products. The sheet mask is so cute.