Sunday, December 25, 2016

Lombard and Market Streets (San Francisco, California, USA)

After a sunny day spent in Burlingame, our next day was a bit dark and gloomy. Only brief periods of sun and sunshine were observed. It was cold but not chilly and just the right temperature for a nice walk around downtown San Francisco. The grey skies made the perfect backdrop to the intricate old architecture of the area as well as the colorful and charming Victorian-style houses around Nob Hill. It was a  day exactly how I envisaged it to be: gloomy and grey but charming and beautiful at the same time.

Upon getting off the BART station, we immediately went on queue for the cable car ride to Lombard Street. At 9AM, the queue was already long so we had to wait for at least an hour before we were able to get on the cable car.

My aunt and I decided to purchase the Clipper card to use for our entire San Francisco trip as it can be used to pay for transportation on every form there is. We stayed outside downtown San Francisco and we had to use the BART every time. The 7-day pass can only be used for transportation within the downtown area (excluding BART). The Clipper card is more convenient as we were able to use it in Napa Valley and also to go to San Francisco Premium Outlet which is located in Oakland. This card also gave us free rides in the cable car. We just had to show the cable car staff our card.

Lombard Street is a very interesting area. The only remembrance I have of the street is on Barabara Streisand's movie What's Up Doc? The houses around the crooked street are charismatic and just overall beautiful. The only downside is that there are so many tourists in the area and it is so hard to get a nice shot. People will be blocking your way and too many cars going down the street. I suggest viewing the street from Leavenworth Street to get a view from below. Seeing it from above will not emphasize the crookedness of the street.

We only spent probably half an hour in the area photographing the houses around and the street itself. We headed back to Market Street to go shopping right after getting the enough shots of Lombard Street and because the amount of people was crazy. We went hopping from Ross to Nordstrom Rack to Marshall's to Westfield Center real quick. I must say my favorite store among all of them would be Nordstrom Rack. The clothes selection are just gorgeous! The only downside: it was difficult for me to find something that fits me and that I like. Sizes of the clothes that I like are just too big for me. I was only able to find one that fits me perfectly (will feature in this blog soon). 

I probably spent half of my budget for shopping on this day alone. There were just too many beautiful things to waste my money on. I could have bought a lot more but decided to save the other part of my budget for the remainder of our stay. After all, we still have 5 more days after this day and we haven't even been to the outlet yet!

It was an expensive but enjoyable day for me. The neighborhoods in the downtown area are ever so charming and I could only imagine my fave bloggers taking photo shoots there. Now I know why there are so many of them based San Francisco. Do you think I should move here too? If only I have the funds to do so.

 Bomber Jacket and Sneakers: Stradivarius | Dress: thrifted | Bag: Le Sportsac
Pins: Kaneki and Monkey D Luffy from Japan


  1. Such a lovely place and I love your dress xx

  2. Sounds really like the perfect weather and temperature you had for your obviously wonderful sight seeing tour! As I never been there I loved to watch your perfect pictures and your interesting post! Thank you <3
    Merry Christmas!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. i would like to come here:) such a stunning place:)

  4. Wow! Cool photos!
    Cute and sweet outfit!

  5. I love going to SF! I agree that the architecture there is so iconic with the really narrow houses like in Full House, and the colorful buildings. I like how unlike other places in Cali, the weather is sunny yet cool in SF. Plus food there is so good! So many choices to eat at. This is making me want to go back!
    I hope you had a great holidays! This looks like a fun trip!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  6. Yesssss! Definitely one of the most charming places I have ever been! Too bad we weren't able to sample much of the diverse cuisine offered by the city because we were far too busy shopping. haha! But I really would love to go back to visit more places. SF took my heart!

  7. It is! It lived up to my expectations. It lived up to the hype!