Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Product Review: Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream #2 Glow

By the time this post gets published, I will be roaming around the cold streets of Seoul looking for new makeup products to bring home and show you all. I honestly can’t wait to share whatever things I will be buying here most especially the makeup and skincare products. Obviously, I have an infinite penchant for Korean cosmetics as they innovate and introduce new products all the time. Seriously, they are amongst the most innovative and widest selection of all! A makeup junkie’s heaven, if I may say.

Among the sea of products to try, one that I was curious about for the longest time is the Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream. I have read good things about the product and if you have been following my blog long enough, Etude House is one of my favorite Korean brands (because they are affordable, the packaging is cute, and they work). They offer two finishes: #1 Silky and #2 Glow. I chose the latter.

CC creams are not really my thing. I may own 4 different CC creams but I use my BB creams more often simply because of the SPF and the coverage. CC creams do not have coverage but has a high SPF too. You can say they are more for correcting and enhancing the complexion more than creating a flawless skin.

Here are my thoughts about the Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream #2 Glow:

  • light fragrance (has a powdery, floral scent that is not overpowering)
  • is not heavy on the face (though the consistency is a bit thick, it doesn't feel heavy on the face)
  • gives an instant glow to the face
  • has a moderate amount of SPF (SPF 30)
  • small pea-size amount is enough to cover the entire face and neck area
  • adapts easily to my skin tone
  • doesn't make my skin too oily after a few hours

  • I didn't notice any color correcting effect. I would have thought this will neutralise the redness of my skin but it didn't (the Touch In Sol CC cream I use reduces the redness of my skin creating a more even out and smooth complexion).
  • Expensive (it costs around 800.00PHP ++ regular price whichi is about $20US)
  • Thick consistency (but doesn't feel heavy, I just prefer consistency that is easy to blend all over my face)

Bare Face
With Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream #2 Glow

I like the fact that it gives an instant glow to my skin. But more than that, I wish there was a color correcting effect on this one. That is what CC creams are for anyway! Sadly, it did not deliver. I think this would work well as a base makeup to give that glowing finish but on its own, there are fare better CC creams out there than this one. I don't think I will repurchase because I bought it to help even out my complexion not really for the glowing effect (that was just a plus which is why I chose #2 glow instead of #1 silky).


  1. I didn't know about this cream before. 8 in 1 seems like a lot for one cream maybe that's why it didn't really deliver. Thanks for the review.
    Have a lovely week :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  2. What a great review dear, so complete!


  3. Like you, I'd also be looking for a stronger colour-correction - though I'm glad to hear it helped you achieve a glow! Thanks for the brand introduction by the way, this is a new one for me :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  4. Looks like a great product! Thanks for sharing, as always your pictures are gorgeous!

    Darriyan xx

  5. It's a shame this didn't work for you, I'm not the biggest fan of CC creams either!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  6. I used this CC cream before, but it wasn't my favorite one. It's more expensive than SecretyKey's CC cream, which I use almost everyday. For me it'd the best.
    Really great review. :)
    xoxo, Szandi
    [Beauty Pop]

  7. I've never tried CC cream before, but I have tried BB cream. I think it's a great alternative for girls that aren't that into makeup or are going to school. :)

    -Jannette | The Diary of a Daydreamer | Bloglovin'

  8. wanderlust boulevardDecember 19, 2016 at 1:06 AM

    Hm, I've never used CC cream before.


  9. Thanks for reviewing this product. I have never seen this product before. :)

    Much love,
    Marianne x www.beautiful-in-essence.blogspot.com

  10. I've only had blushes from Etude House before, I loved that, it's a shame this CC cream didn't seem to have much in the way of colour correcting though, still, beautiful pictures!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  11. Yes, their blushes are really good! Good pigmentation and quality for the price. I've tried their BB cream before and it was good sadly the CC cream was not.

  12. You're welcome!

  13. Try the Touch in Sol CC cream. I haven't tried that many CC creams but that one I can say was good.

  14. Yes. BB creams have decent coverage and does not feel heavy on the skin. I love it more than foundations!

  15. Agree! It is an expensive CC cream but did not really deliver. I use it only for the SPF. Haven't hear of SecretKey before. Hmmm....now I am curious.

  16. Yeah, and I was so looking forward to using this. Disappointing.

  17. Thank you! I was not impressed by this product actually. Would not highly recommend it.

  18. Etude House is one of the most popular Korean cosmetics brand. You will love their concept! Yes, I was hoping the redness would have evened out. But it only made my skin glow and brighter.

  19. You're welcome!

  20. I agree. It is probably because they are trying too hard to make the product multi-functional.