Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Seoul, South Korea Haul Part 1 (Cosmetics and Skincare: Skin Food, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Missha, SeaNtree, etc)

I initially intended to make a video about this haul but video files were corrupted and I had to repeat the whole process again. Because I was too lazy to shoot again, I decided to just take photographs and briefly describe each item. I already threw away the boxes after filming the video. Sad. Nevertheless I hope you still enjoy looking at the things that I bought. Full review of the products will be posted here soon. 

Tony Moly x Pokemon
This collection was not released here in the Philippines so I was ecstatic to find that Tony Moly in Myeongdong are still offering them and they were offering a 50% discount on the entire collection! I almost bought all of the pokemon items but it was the first store we visited and I still had the whole day ahead of me to go shopping so I had to restrain.

Pokemon - Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion #1 (12,800won orig. 25,600won) 
Pokemon - Pikachu Cushion Blush #1 Pink Fantasy (12,800won orig. 25,600won)
Pokemon - Pika Pika Get It Tint #3 Red Joy (8,500won orig. 17,000won)
Pokemon - Purin Powder Pact (8,500won orig. 17,000won)

Holika Holika x Gudetama
Again, another collection that was not released here in the Philippines. I am not sure of the price range of Holika Holika in the country so I can't really say that these items were a bargain. But again, the limited edition Gudetama items screamed for my attention and I ended up getting a few items. Also, I've been eyeing that kitten blush for the longest time (ever since I saw it from their website). As stated in my "About Me" box on the left side, I am a sucker for anything with glitters thus my obsession for makeup that has glitters. 

All Kill Cleansing Oil Water - 9,900won
Hello Holika Kitten Blush - 12,600 won (discounted orig. price was 18,000won)
Gudetama x Holika Holika Cushion Blusher in RD01 Cherry Jelly - 8,900won
Gudetama x Holika Holika Pore Cover Powder - 7,900won

A'pieu x Rilakkuma
I bought so many character collaboration items because these are usually not released where I live. I have never tried A'pieu before though I have always been curious. They collaborated with Doraemon before and I regret not getting any item from that collection. So this time, I did not pass up the opportunity to get a few items. Also, the most interesting of all the items I bought from this trip is the triple color correcting powder. It contains three different colors to help even out the skin tone: lavender, white, and green.

A'pieu x Rilakkuma Air In Puff (4 pcs) - 5,000 won
A'pieu x Rilakkuma Air Fit Cushion Blusher in CR01 - 5,800 won
A'pieu x Rilakkuma Triple Correcting Powder in Pastel - 9,000 won

Code x Moomin
Moomin is one of my fave characters so I cannot pass up the chance to buy a few items.
Moomin puff (1+1 promo) - 10,000 won
Moomin Tinted Lip Balm in Yellow Coral Pink - 3,500 won (orig price is 7,000 won)

Skin Food
Though we do have Skin Food here in the Philippines, I confess that I have never tried the brand before. I don't know, their stores here in Manila are not as attractive as their stores in Seoul (especially their Garosugil branch). But I love the concept of using food as skincare items. My mom and I bought the Yuja set each (far left) because we thought it was such a great deal. The other Yuja set pictured below (far right) I am going to give as a gift to someone. Skin Food in Korea is also so much cheaper than where I live.

 Yuja set (contains: toner, oil serum, cream, sheet masks, and loads of samples) - 50,000 won
Yuja set (contains: oil serum and cream) - 25,000 won
Honey Pot Lip Balm (placed inside the Yuja set far right) - 6,500 won
Buckwheat Loose Powder #40 -  6,700 won
Rice Mask Wash Off - 7,700 won

Etude House
Etude House in Korea and Etude House in the Philippines don't really have much difference in terms of the price and items released. I believe all collections and lines released in Korea were also released here in the Philippines. But their Samcheongdong branch were having a promo when we went there. The My Little Nut cushion came with the Moisture Cleansing Oil, Air Slim Puff and a mirror for only 17,600 won! The cushion alone costs 18,000 won but if you purchase the set and you use credit card, instead of paying 22,000 won you only pay 17,600 won! What a steal!

Collagen Eye Patch (set of 10) - 10,000 won
My Little Nut set (contains cushion, puff, cleansing oil and mirror) - 17,600 won
Greentea Nose Pack (set of 10) - 5,000 won

Nature Republic and Innisfree
Another brand that is locally available but I have never tried is Nature Republic. I don't really know why. I find the concept interesting as they use natural ingredients and I do like the endorsers (EXO and Taeyeon) but I have never tried the brand before. 

With Innisfree, I haven't had much success with their skincare products (except for the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask) but I am so in love with the Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo. I love how fresh and clean my head feels whenever I use this shampoo (which is once a week only as I use it as a clarifying shampoo) and it doesn't make my scalp itchy even if I don't wash my hair the next day (which is usually the case for most shampoos I tried). I decided to buy a few other haircare items as well. The interesting product for me is the Camellia Essential Hair Styling Tissue. I guess you use this on second day hair to keep your scalp fresh and clean as well as to maintain the style of your hair.

Nature Republic 10+10 Sheet Mask (royal jelly and chamomile) - 10,000 won
Nature Republic Powder Pact - 7,000 won
Camellia Essential Hair Treatment - 10,000 won
Green Tea Min Fresh Shampoo - 7,000 won
Camellia Essential Hair Styling Tissue - 3,500 won

Missha, Scinic, SeaNtree, Vely Vely, Teenie Weenie, Peripera
Just like Skin Food, Missha in Korea is so much cheaper compared to the Philippines. I am a huge fan of the Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence. I finished my bottle months ago but have been contemplating whether to buy another bottle locally. This costs 2,500Php here in the Philippines. But in Korea, I bought 1 bottle for only 1,100Php. That is more than half the price! So I decided to buy 2 bottles (to stock the other 1).

SeaNtree is a brand that I have never heard of before but the store is just too pretty. I love how girly and ethereal the packaging is. The Ultra Base Makeup (far right pink bottle) is so good that I was amazed at how I have never heard of them before (I tried their tester at the back of my hand and it made my skin look and feel velvety smooth). 

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence - 26,460 won (orig price is 37,800 won)
Scinic Green Tea Toner - 12,000 won
SeaNtree Ultra Base Makeup - 15,000 won
SeaNtree Matte Lipstick in Red Wine - 9,000 won
Vely Vely Cushion Blush in Coral Pink - 16,000 won
Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Velvet Ink in Bubbles - 7,500 won (??? I don't remember exactly and I already lost the receipt)
Teenie Weenie Matte Lipstick in Cherry Pink (Fire) - 17,000 won
Teenie Weenie Hand Cream in Violet (from mom)

And a year's (or more) worth of samples after all that I bought. Please keep in mind that I may have spent so much this trip on makeup and skincare items but as a foreigner I am entitled to tax refund. So the prices I stated above are before the tax refund. In the end, I spent way less than what you have computed (if you did compute).

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