Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2016

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Again, this list is published late but I will be sharing more songs in this list compared to last’s because 2016 was just the height of Kpop for me. Though it is heart-breaking to hear some of my favorite groups disbanding (2ne1, 4minute and Miss A), there were still so many good songs released as well. Some I was even surprised to like because they were not really my style and genre. And when it comes to Kpop I tend to listen to the same groups I have known and loved. I am not really that open to knowing new groups because the faces and names confuse me (I know, as a kpop fan, that shouldn’t be an issue but I don’t have the patience to learn new faces and names. I want to know them instantly!). But last year, I promised myself  to be more open about new groups and not pressure myself to know them immediately. I should take time to enjoy the music. So here is my list for this year:

10.) TT – Twice
This song is hella catchy! I am not really a fan of Twice though I am a fan of Momo and Dahyun. I think their songs are too cutesy and not really my style (I am more for swag and sexy more than cute and innocent). But this song was stuck in my head for weeks and I just jam to this whenever I hear it! I even learned the dance (I used it as a workout). Twice is said to be the next Girl’s Generation which is like the most successful Kpop girl group in history and they are slowly proving that they are (or even better!). This is about the only song I like from them but all their songs are pretty catchy.

9.) Half Moon – Dean
I had no idea who Dean was until I heard BTS on one of their VLive’s (I can’t recall if it was Jungkook or V singing because they all like Dean) sing Half Moon. I thought the song was so good I had to look it up on YouTube. Since then I couldn’t stop listening to it. R&B is a hit or miss for me because there are songs with beats that appeal to me while some are just too slow and boring. But this one is upbeat enough for me and gave me that gloomy feeling which I always appreciate in songs. I don’t know about you but I love the melancholy feeling and the gloomy images of grey skies and rain that pop into my head whenever I listen to such music. I may not understand the lyrics (even when I studied Korean 2 years ago) but I love the melody and the soothing voice of Dean.

8.) Monster – EXO
Growl will always be the standard for me when it comes to EXO. Sadly, their succeeding songs could not even compare. Growl is probably their most successful song ever and it looks like it will remain that way until they disband. EXO is still a great group nonetheless and their songs are still good. But the music they have been releasing is subpar to Growl (at least in my opinion). This one is a bit gloomy and dark but nothing like Half Moon by Dean. It is more powerful than that. It may not be Growl level for me but it was still so damn good. And I love that Sehun rapped longer than one line here (he is my bias, btw).

7.) I Like That – Sistar
And Sistar is back! I prefer Sistar with a sexier, more mature, and darker music than their previous summer comebacks that were too pop, cute, and colourful. I just think this image is more suitable for Sistar and this image is exactly how I fell in-love with the group (Alone was my jam for a long time – like a really long time). And I was so happy with this comeback that I couldn’t stop listening to it. I love the choreography, the colours, the vocals – just everything about it! I wish Bora had more lines though because she was my favorite.

6.) Navillera – Gfriend
This is a bit unexpected for me. As I said, I am not really a fan of the cutesy, innocent kpop genre but GFriend is so lovable you can’t not like them and their songs! This one is hella catchy too and I could not stop singing it! Normally I would ignore groups with this image but everyone seems to be raving about GFriend and their performances are something to watch. They may be cute but their choreography is no joke. It is a bit difficult and tiring. And just the overall beat of the song will stick to your head and it won’t get out until you hear another catchy song (in my case it was Twice).

5.)Why – Taeyeon
Taeyeon is now officially my favorite female kpop solo artist. Many people said this sounded like DJ Snake’s Middle and I agree. But you also have to agree that this song is good and Taeyeon’s vocals are no joke. She definitely has one of the best vocals in Korea. I’ve been listening to this song non-stop when it came out. I love the feel-good vibe of the song.

4.) Whistle – Blackpink
OMG! Blackpink! They are now officially my favorite girl group because 2ne1 disbanded. I love the swag that they bring to the kpop world. They are unique and they look like the cool kids from school. I love this song in particular of the 4 songs that they released since their debut because of the hiphop tune. I love the arrangement of beats and it is just super catchy as well. This is still my jam until now even if it was released back in August last year. The music video is also visually appealing and choreography is on point. It didn’t show much of the group’s vocal capacity but the beat is unique and catchy.

3.) Blood, Sweat and Tears – BTS
I was contemplating whether to choose Fire or Save but instead I had to go with Blood, Sweat and Tears. I was surprised when I first heard this song because it was so good and the beat is super catchy. But it didn’t sound like BTS to me at all. It sounded like a Major Lazer or DJ Snake song to me. I was sad because I thought BTS was trying to change their image and style of music which is a mix of rock and hiphop for a style that is popular and catchy. I fell in-love with BTS for that style because it was unique. But then I thought, regardless of whether they want to change to image or style, I will still support them because I saw them work really hard for everything they’ve achieved. They were hungry for success and now they discovered the formula that will give them that. I just hope that they stay humble and hard working. I hope all the success that they experienced in the last 2 years would not get into their heads too much. And yes, I was very much obsessed with song. I love it!

2.) Fxxk It – BigBang
This would have easily came in first because I am a VIP to the core. BigBang will always be my favorite Kpop group and I will definitely be devastated if they ever break up. But there was another song I liked more than this though this is still 2nd on my list because this is my kind of music. I love the visuals of music video and I love the beat as well. It is super catchy and makes me want to dance. I also love the fact that Taeyang sang in English at the start of the song. They were also even slightly dancing though BigBang is known for having no choreography at all (they don’t dance much aside from Seungri and Taeyang). This is definitely a song for all the VIP’s!

1.) Bermuda Triangle – Zico ft. Crush and Dean
And my top kpop song for 2016 is Bermuda Triangle by Zico, Crush and Dean! I was surprised to like this song so much that it even beat BigBang. I love Dean's parts especially not only because I love his voice but also because of the beat. I couldn't find this on Spotify so I just kept replaying this on YouTube instead. I never really listened to Zico or Block B and Crush but this was my jam! I just love the overall vibe this song gave me.

There were just too many good songs released last year and I feel like 2017 will be even better (which will also make it harder for me to come up with a list next year!). I can't wait for all the comebacks this year and all the groups that will debut! I am anticipating most BTS' comeback of course), Blackpink's square 3 and 4 and 2ne1's "Goodbye" which will be released on 21 January!

What were your favorite songs of 2016?


  1. Lovely dress, you look nice:)

  2. I love your outfit! You look so cute and posh! I do not normally listen to kpop because the songs are usually too upbeat and dance-y. I basically listen to anything but for my playlist I am pretty selective. I prefer Jason Mraz/ Charlie Path kind of songs. Sort of Mellow Pop-ish with feel-good tune. So far my only favorite kpop song is 365 by EXO because I love the low-key good vibe feels of the song. I love watching Kpop videos and photos though because everyone looks so stunning. Even guys! Their skin is so poreless!

    Even if I am not a Kpop fan, I am sad about 2ne1 disbanding though because I've always been a Sandara fan, haha.

    I'll definitely listen to your kpop recs!

    - Gretch of GG memochou

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  4. I've never listened to K-pop before (other than some T-ara songs a few years ago) but I will definitely give these ones a go! x

    Mira Aksoy |

  5. Interesting list, and thanks so much for sharing. I only know a couple of these so it's good to read your list of inspiration. Happy New Year! /Madison

  6. Love your dress! And your shoes are incredible!!

    Katie |

  7. I am not that into kpop but I love K rap (keith ape)


  8. Great post, loved the dress. Gemma x

  9. Very interesting selection!


  10. I love your look babe. And your selection is so cool, thanks!!

    X Merel

  11. Great post, thanks for sharing) Have a good weekend!

  12. Love your skirt! Do you have your closet on Glamoutfit app? I want to follow you. I'm so curious what you have in your closet.