Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brand To Love: Innisfree

Most of the time, I look at the endorser before I decide to purchase from a certain brand. If I don't like the person endorsing the brand, I tend to pass. But if I like the endorser, I tend to hoard. This is what happened with me and the many Korean cosmetics brands that I love - Innisfree is one of those "many."

Innisfree used to be one of those brands I would "pass" simply because I did not like the endorser which was Yoona of Girl's Generation at the time I learned of the brand. I do listen to Girl's Generation but I just can't seem to like Yoona (yes, I am a Yoona hater #sorrynotsorry). Hyoyeon and Taeyeon has always been my favorites. If they had endorsed Innisfree, I would without a doubt give the brand a go. But one day, I discovered from my sister the wonder of the No-Sebum Mineral Powder and the rest was history. Innisfree has become one of the brands I would definitely not miss whenever I am in Korea and would definitely keep purchasing products from. Lesson learned: don't judge a book by it's cover. The endorser does not really matter as long as the product/s deliver.

Pictured are some of the products I have already tried from the brand and loved (I did not include the Green Tea Seed Eye Cream sample I have tried because I did not love it as much as the products included in this review).

Camellia Essential Hair Treatment - I use this once a week only and I noticed my hair isn't as frizzy as it normally is. It does tend to make my hair a bit sticky but I guess that is the reason my hair is less frizzy. And the less frizzy my hair is makes me happy. I suffer from super frizzy hair (like uncontrollable and unmanageable frizziness) so anything that can tame it - even just a little - gives me relief. I also love the scent of this product.

Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo - I use this shampoo once a week as a clarifying shampoo. It helped lessen the flakes on my scalp and makes my head feel fresh and clean. I also love the slight minty feeling if I leave the shampoo on for a few minutes before rinsing. This shampoo doesn't lather much because it is silicone-free.

Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - I haven't tried this one yet but I have used the regular Volcanic Pore Clay Mask before and I loved it. This variant is supposed to be more deep cleansing than the regular one. I am pretty happy with the regular one so I can only imagine how much more effective this one is. Or maybe not. I will let you know when I have tried this one....

Green Barley Clear Scrub - I have been using this jar for more than 2 years now (I know I should only use this for a year because the jar says it is only good for 12 months). But it contains so much product that it is difficult to finish it all up in just 12 months! I use this 2x a week (sometimes even 3) but I still have so much left! Also, this product helped with eliminating whiteheads and blackheads on my face. Whenever I feel a small, pointy bump on my face (which I always presume as whiteheads or blackheads), I would scrub my face with this scrub. And then the bumps would be almost gone (not pointy anymore and feels a bit flatter) after. I also noticed how my skin has felt softer after I use this product.

Camellia Essential Hair Styling Tissue - this product is the first of its kind I have seen. It made me curious which is why I decided to buy it (plus the fact that it is cheap!). I've only tried it twice and I really love it! I used it on days when I did not shampoo my hair. This product made my hair and scalp feel fresh and clean. Also, I noticed that my scalp did not feel itchy at all throughout the day. I previously use dry shampoo (Dove and Batiste) on days I don't wash my hair to remove excess sebum on my scalp. But these dry shampoos have made my scalp extremely itchy and flaky that I decided to just stop using them. My scalp is still itching every time I don't wash my hair but when I used this, I did not feel any itch at all. It just made my scalp and hair feel fresh and clean and smell great!

These are just some of the products I have already used from Innisfree that I liked (except for the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask) and I am excited to try many more products from them!

Have you tried Innisfree before? If yes, what were your favorite products?


  1. Seems like great products. Especially the musk and the scrub.

    Kathy's delight / Instagram

  2. I am yet to try any Korean beauty products. I seriously need to get my hands on some of these.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva

  3. I have to try some of these because they are amazing!


  4. I need to get my hands on the Volcanic Pure Clay mask. I recently tried the Innisfree Rose mask and I would love to try more!!


  5. Judging with what you've written, they are all nice products.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  6. ooo that hair tissue sounds intriguing! I've never heard of this brand before so will keep a eye out!
    Kate xx


  7. Ah I really want to try this brand! The hair styling tissue sounds so cool!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  8. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx

  9. Ooh looks fab! Thanks for sharing xx

    Alya / moorizzla xx

  10. Thanks a lot :D

    All products sounds great dear. I didn't know this brand but I'm super curious to try :D

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  11. These sound like great products. I've never tried Innisfree before, but would love to!

    Deepti xx | www.mademoisellemeetsmaquillageandmacaroons.com

  12. So far I've only used the no-sebum powder. I like how it lessened the oil on my face. I have yet to try their other products esp their makeup line! :)


  13. Yes! I love that powder! It's cheap and works really well! Innisfree is a great brand. I highly recommend!

  14. You should! One of the best Korean brands definitely.

  15. Try the no-sebum powder. I definitely recommend this to first timers because I can guarantee that it works!

  16. You're welcome.

  17. Thank you! We should!

  18. I know! And such a unique concept.

  19. Right? You should try it when you get the chance.

  20. They are! I haven't been disappointed yet with the products I bought.

  21. I haven't tried the rose mask yet but I am curious! I will definitely get it when I go back to Korea.

  22. Right? Definitely one of the best Korean brands.

  23. Start with the no-sebum powder. I highly recommend it!

  24. They are! Yes, the mask and scrub are really good.