Tuesday, April 04, 2017

March Sampler 2017

This is a new monthly series that I am going to add to this blog. If you remember my latest Seoul Haul, you would remember me showing off the 1 year (or more) supply of freebies that I got from shopping in Myeongdong. Previously, I use the samples I get whenever I travel. But because I only use a few samples (like 1 sample of BB cream can last for a week so I only bring 1) I decided to start using at least 1 every week. Some of these samples will be expiring soon and it would be waste to throw them away hence I decided to do this series.

For the month of March, I will be reviewing these products: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream, Too Cool For School Pore Minimizing Serum, and Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream
I was super excited to try this one out because I have never found an eye cream that makes a difference to my eyes. I was more than half expecting this to be a great product (but not too expecting because of my experience with other eye creams). After 2 weeks of using, I am neither impressed nor disappointed. I like the product because it smells great, I only needed a small amount to cover not just my under eye area but also my eye lids, and it made the skin around my eyes soft and hydrated. But I don't like it because I did not see any difference in my eye appearance. It did not lighten the dark areas nor did it smoothen my sleep lines. I also did nothing in the puffiness. It did nothing to make my eyes look more alive and awake. The product claims to moisturize and hydrate anyway which it very much delivered. It did not claim to brighten, lighten, and decrease puffiness anyway so yes, it works. (read here for more information about the product)

Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer
Tinted moisturizer has never been a beauty product that sparked any interest in me. I have always been a lover of BB creams that I always ignore the aisle of tinted moisturizers in beauty shops. But my aunt gave this sample to me and I was curious. I decided to try it and I liked it. It has a nice medium coverage and did not cake on my skin. It also has a nice matte finish. But I would prefer something that has a higher SPF content than 15 especially since I live in a country that has abundant sunlight. The consistency is also very thick that made it a bit of a challenge to blend all over my face. I like this tinted moisturizer but I would still purchase BB creams more than this.

I still have a year's worth of samples to try and I can't wait to try them all (and then replenish when I go back to Korea or to Sephora)!


  1. I used to use a tinted moisturizer when I was younger but I was terrible at applying it so it looked natural hahah! I do agree though, that the consistency is often quite thick. I think they're better suited for legs and arms or something? Going for a smooth tan?! Xx


  2. non li conoscevo.

  3. Great round up!

    Alya / moorizzla xx

  4. interesting products! thanks for sharing!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. Great moisturiser is the top thing for me. Thx for the review.




  6. I have also a large number of samples that I must use, it will take me 6 months to finish them haha!! xx


  7. I'd love more samples in my life to try, I've not had any for ages, I'd be interested to try the tinted moisturiser. Also, you left a comment on my blog asking where I got my unicorn makeup brushes, I just typed unicorn brushes into ebay and ordered them from china :)

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  8. The Innisfree green tea seed eye cream sounds good, with eyes more awake - I have been so tired these days, that would be good to try. But the Hourglass tinted moisturizer... thanks for sparing us some money - I like tinted moisturizers, but yes, I would like a higher SPF :) Hope you have a lovely day!

  9. You got the great review. Cream seems nice!


  10. This sounds like such a fun and interesting series! The green tea eye cream would be so lovely, I'm such a fan of anything green tea! I haven't heard of these before, it's good to know what you liked xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days