Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bandai Makeup Collection

It all started when I was in elementary. Sailor Moon was among the very first anime's I ever watched. And everything was history since then. Anime was a huge part of my childhood so you can only imagine my delight when Bandai started releasing these anime themed makeup. I want to collect them all (but I can't of course because they are quite difficult to obtain if you live outside Japan). I will be getting more in the future for sure but for now, here are what I was able to get:

  1. Rainbow Moon Chalice Cheek Colour Blush -this is definitely the prettiest of all the Sailor Moon makeup franchise. It is as detailed as in the anime but smaller than I expected. Also, the quality of the blush isn't as good as I thought it would be. It looks more like a highlight than a blush. But I bought it for the packaging anyway. This is also the most expensive of all the sailor moon makeup available. 
  2. Twin Lip Cream Rod Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus - I now regret giving the other one to my sister. I did not have high expectations for this lip cream but it is surprisingly really good! It is very moisturizing and helped heal my chapped lips (I always have chapped lips from being inside  an air conditioned office 5 days a week).  
  3. Card Captor Sakura Blush and Lip Cream -this is by far the best quality of all the bandai makeup I ever bought. The blush is a gorgeous pink color and well pigmented. It also has a little of sparkle which is always a plus for me. The lip cream is super moisturizing as well. It has no scent or flavor.
  4. Sailor Moon S Cosmic Heart Cheek - this is the latest addition to my collection and I am so happy to finally get this. The packaging is gorgeous and looks exactly as in the anime I can literally transform into Sailor Moon anytime! Quality of the blush is in between the card captor sakura and the chalice blush. But again, I am buying these things for the packaging (and the love of sailor moon!)
  5. Moon Stick Cheek Brush - I initially thought I had bought the moon rod blush brush but when I received the package I was surprised to see the moon stock instead. But I am not complaining as this one is super pretty and gorgeous! The brush is thinner than what I am used to but the bristles are super soft and picks up the product really well. 
  6. Spiral Heart Black Liquid Eyeliner - this is not waterproof which is kinda disappointing. It also tends to fade away as the day wears on. But the pigmentation is good and it is very easy to apply. You might want to apply another eyeliner on top of it. Use this as a guide for another eyeliner.
To be perfectly honest, I did not buy these because I want to use them. I bought them for the packaging. 


  1. This is SUPER Sailor Moon cosmetics are stunning

  2. Oh my godness! Everything looks so beautiful and kawaii. I just love Sailor Moon ♥

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  3. These are so cute and colorful.

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  4. OMG this is so cute! Need to try!

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  5. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  6. How cute is all this packaging!


  7. The packaging is really nice and attractive, I'd also buy them just because of the packaging.

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  8. Thanks a lot :D

    OMG I'm totally in loooove with packaging :D
    perfect products

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  9. Yay you're back!! Have been missing your posts babe, hope all is well! Now, how cute aren't these products? Always fun with themed makeup collections, especially when it's something one adores! Xx


  10. This looks very interesting and very beautiful. Love it! ♥


  11. Looks like such a cute collection.


  12. Oh my gosh this is such a cute collection! It takes me back and I feel so nostalgic all of a sudden. This was probably the most fun I've had reading a makeup post! xx

    Sending light & love your way,
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  13. OMG these are soooo cute!! It brings back memories! I want them all too LOL <3

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