Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Seoul, South Korea (Hello Kitty Café in Hongdae)

Another cute pink cafe one shouldn't miss when in Seoul: Hello Kitty Cafe. There is a branch in Myeongdong but my mom and I decided to visit the branch in Hongdae instead. This is the more famous branch probably because the land area is bigger. We had wanted to visit this cafe for so long but last time we were in Seoul, we couldn't find it. They had moved from their original location from one of the more populated alleys of Hongdae (which now stands a clothing store) to one of the more modest alleys. It was difficult to find this new location but with the help of Seoul Police Tourist Information, we managed to get here before the sun completely set (they speak really good English too!). 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Product Review: Althea Korea Petal Velvet Powder

Oily skin is my major skin concern. No matter the weather, my skin produces so much sebum uncontrollably. Thus, a good powder is necessary in my daily makeup routine. Even with matte BB cream or foundation I still need a good translucent powder to set my makeup and make it last longer. So far, of all the powders I have tried, the Banila Co Prime Primer powder is the best. It doesn't control oil for the entire day but a lot longer than most of the powders I tried (like 5-6 hours). However, this powder is quite expensive and I don't always have the budget for it so I am still in search for a good, more affordable alternative. The Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder comes close. But Innisfree is not available in the Philippines (unless I shop online). Because I am still searching far and wide for a good alternative, I was ecstatic when Althea Korea mentioned they are launching their very first product which happens to be a powder. I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to be among the first to try this product as this is exactly what I have been looking for. The Althea Petal Velvet Powder was just released this month and it might just be my new favorite powder. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seoul, South Korea (K.Art)

오랜마니에요 여러분! 나 보고싶었어요? 나는 블로깅을 많이 보고싶었어요.
Just practicing my Korean.
I recently went to Seoul (again, for the 5th time) but I am still not done with my winter experience. I wasn't able to explore much this last trip anyway because I was sick the entire time! I only got to see Myeongdong and DMZ (because we pre-booked a tour). Anyway, next store I will feature for the winter in Seoul series is K.Art. I looked deep in the black hole that is the world wide web but there were hardly any article that pointed me to what I was looking for. There were lots of articles you can find with lists of stores where you can buy Kpop albums and posters but I was looking for light sticks. I didn't want to purchase online because they were overpriced and I am impatient so waiting for them to hold their concert in Manila is not an option. K.Art is the only place I found that sold them after reading so many articles.