Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Seoul, South Korea (Hello Kitty Café in Hongdae)

Another cute pink cafe one shouldn't miss when in Seoul: Hello Kitty Cafe. There is a branch in Myeongdong but my mom and I decided to visit the branch in Hongdae instead. This is the more famous branch probably because the land area is bigger. We had wanted to visit this cafe for so long but last time we were in Seoul, we couldn't find it. They had moved from their original location from one of the more populated alleys of Hongdae (which now stands a clothing store) to one of the more modest alleys. It was difficult to find this new location but with the help of Seoul Police Tourist Information, we managed to get here before the sun completely set (they speak really good English too!). 

In terms of the ambiance, I am deeply impressed. I can't say anything bad about the place. It is as cute as I expected it to be (or even more!). The small gift shop is also a nice place to visit. You can find all sorts of Hello Kitty goodies from pins to luggage to clothes to umbrellas - they have everything! However, the food is mediocre. It wasn't anything extraordinary. I loved the green tea mousse but it tasted like I can buy it in any other cafe. There wasn't anything spectacular about the food (aside from Hello Kitty's face perhaps?). The cafe is still worth the trouble though because it is definitely instagram-worthy. But I wouldn't go back. I will try other cafe's next time.

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  1. What a cute little place! Even though I'm not Hello Kitty's biggest fan, love when cafés have themes and embrace them to the fullest. Hope all is well babe and that you're having a lovely week! Xx


  2. Hello Kitty Cafe's interior never disappoints! I'm not the biggest Hello Kitty fan but a certified Pink Girl!


  3. Oh it's a shame the food wasn't as good as the decor in the cafe as it looks like such a fun place to visit!

    Glad you managed to find it in the end :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. This is why Korea is my number 1 place I wish to visit! Hoping I can go there someday. Thanks for sharing!

    Almari Writes. ❤

  5. I NEED to visit this cafe!! It looks insane, super girly and fun! Such a shame you didn't exactly like the whole thing!

    Have an awesome day!

    xx Kris


  6. I know! And I was really looking forward to finally eat here! But the ambiance is a feast in itself so no regrets coming here.

  7. Oh yes! You should definitely visit and go cafe hopping!

  8. Yes. Kinda disappointed with the food but the ambiance was worth the trouble.

  9. Me too! I am not a fan of Hello Kitty but I find her cute. And all her merch is in pink!

  10. Ditto! I always make it a point to visit a themed cafe or restaurant whenever I visit Korea or Japan.

  11. Hello Kitty is my favorite since childhood and this just brings back so many memories! I won't forget to visit this when I go to Korea. <3

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist