Thursday, September 07, 2017

Product Review: Holika Holika All Kill Cleansing Oil Water

I always make sure to remove my makeup prior to sleeping. But I am guilty of foregoing the whole nighttime skincare routine once makeup is removed. Let's just say that I have those days when I am far too lazy to take proper care of myself. However, makeup removal is mandatory for me and I consider it a sin if I skip. Thus, a product that both removes makeup and keeps skin clean is heaven sent for me. Micellar water is one of those products and I really like the Bioré one. But I am always open to trying out new things so when we were in Seoul back in December, I decided to buy a few makeup remover/cleanser products. One that piqued my curiosity is the Holika Holika All Kill Cleansing Oil Water. We all know oil and water don't go together so I wonder how this product will work.

Living in a tropical country where it is always hot and humid, wearing waterproof makeup has always been a must for me. And we can all agree waterproof makeup tend to be stubborn. Though I love the Bioré micellar water, it is rather gentle and takes a while before waterproof makeup is removed. I need something more powerful but at the same time gentle on the skin.

I stumbled upon the Holika Holika All Kill Cleansing Oil Water as we were perusing Myeongdong winter 2016. I was curious because it is a mixture of oil and water (though you can clearly see the demarcation between the oil and water). It claims to be a 3-in-1 cleanser that dissolves waterproof makeup, removes dirt and oil, and keeps the skin moisturized. What more can I ask for? It sounds like the perfect product on my lazy days. 

After using this product for a month, here are my actual thoughts:
  • It is very effective in removing waterproof makeup
  • It only takes about 10 seconds for the makeup to dissolve and only a few wipes to be completely removed
  • It has a nice, faint floral smell
  • I still need to wash my face after as it leaves a thin layer of oil on my face
  • I had a few bumps on my face in the morning when I didn't wash my face after using this
  • It is not very effective in removing pigments on lip tints/lipstick

I still think the Holika Holika All Kill Cleansing Oil Water is a great makeup remover. However, this is not the product if you are lazy like me and don't always have the time to go through the entire nighttime skincare routine everyday. But if you want a makeup remover that is powerful enough to remove stubborn waterproof makeup, I highly recommend this product. 

You can click the product name if you wish to purchase: Holika Holika All Kill Cleansing Oil Water (not affiliated or to be compensated in any form!).


  1. This doesn't sound bad at all. I agree removing make up is very crucial to keep skin nice and smooth, but I also need to admit I give it up very quickly if it doesn't wash right away. 10 seconds to dissolve sounds like a perfect product for me :D

    Thx for the recommendation, xx



  2. Hahah I'm also quite lazy, even though I always also remove my makeup. I use makeup remover wipes though, that way I can have a movie or Youtube clip on when I remover tha makeup. Hahah way to go lazy huh?! But this one looks quite good though. Waterproorf mascara can be so annoying! Xx

  3. It sounds great , but I prefer if products didn't have a scent . But it looks like it does a great job .

  4. I am impressed with both the make up remover and that pink lipstick! :D

  5. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  6. Great review! I love Holika Holika.

  7. it's interesting.
    usually cleanser is either oil based or water based, but this one have both of it.
    nice review :)