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  2. hi!!! :)

    I would like to ask you regarding your experienced in applying US Visa.. :)

    can you please give me tips during the interview process as i will have my interview this march.

    Your reply will be helpful.. thank you.

    1. Hi! Thank you for asking! :)

      It wasn't as daunting as I thought it will be. Honestly I think people are just exaggerating about the whole process. Yes, there were some that were rejected but the whole interview wasn't scary at all! My siblings and I were there at around 7:30AM and our scheduled interview time was at 8:30AM. But it wasn't until around 11:30 that we got to speak to the interviewer. There were so many lines and so many checks that you have to undergo before the actual interview. And the interview lasted for about 5 minutes only. The three of us were interviewed together. The interviewer did not ask for any documents to be presented though I saw a few who had to present their old passports and property documents. Questions were mostly about what you do here in the Philippines and establishing economic ties. You have to prove that you are going to come back and that you are going to the US only as a tourist and not for anything else. But you have to be very honest with your answers because they know if you aren't telling the truth. You will know immediately if your application has been approved or declined.

      A few tips:
      *do not bring anything other than yourself and your documents. Mobile phones and other electronics are not allowed inside the Embassy. You are also not allowed to bring food and drinks so make sure you come with a full stomach. There is a store inside where you can buy snacks and drinks.
      *wear comfortable clothes because you will wait for hours before you get to be interviewed.
      *just be honest about your answers

      I am planning on making a separate post about the visa application process and my experience. But this short answer I hope helps you. Good luck with your application! And if you have other queries, you can complete the form above so I can send you an email. :)

    2. Hi! :)

      Sorry I accidentally deleted your message in my email. I wanted to respond to it there so I can provide more specific answers instead of writing it here. I read your email but because my keys are not functioning properly, I accidentally clicked the delete button. I hope you don't think I did not read your email and ignored your questions. Anyway, I still hope you get to read this on-time.

      As to the questions I was asked, here are some of them:
      1.) What is your occupation? How long have you been with your employer?
      2.) What did you study in college and where? Do you have plans on pursuing higher education?
      3.) How many properties do you have? Are they all under your family's name?
      4.) What are you going to do in the US? Do you have relatives living there? Do your parents have US visa?
      5.) Have you applied for a US visa before?
      6.) Have you been out of the country before? Which places have you visited?

      If my memory serves me right those are all the questions I was asked. The interview itself didn't last very long (probably around 5 minutes) and we were told immediately after the interview that our visa application was approved and they will courier the passports to us. Just be very honest with your answers because they have a way of knowing whether the applicant is lying or not. Previous travels do not really weigh much because I know some people who have traveled a lot but were rejected when they applied for a US visa. What they are after is proof that your purpose of travel is really just for vacation and that you have a reason to go back (properties, work, family).

      Good luck with your interview and let me know the result!