The Girl Who Loves Pink Lemonade

Jenn is a hard working girl by day, a anything-with-glitters advocate by night, and a Kpop fangirl in between. She is addicted to soft and pastel colors, fluffy dresses, and anything with with glitters. In May 2011, she found herself jobless and uninspired to find another "job." She intended to go to med school but became too lazy to study. And then she had the brilliant idea to start blogging. For the lack of something better to do with her life, she gave birth to The Pink Lemonade Girl. Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl inspired her to come up with the name but now she realizes the name "The Pink Lemonade Girl" is too tacky. But what else can she do? Readers have come to know her as The Pink Lemonade Girl and there is no turning back. 

After 2 years of staying at home, she found herself a "job" that gives fulfillment. It consumes most of her time but she enjoys. She still keeps her blog and gives it the time and attention it needs after her "job." She loves blogging and intends to keep it for a very long time.